Tecnomatix - Process Simulate


Manufacturing process verification in powerful 3D environment

Overview of the software:

Process Simulate is a primary tool that can create a realistic production system to aid in the design and verification of the automated system’s operations. This includes machines, jig-fixtures, robots, and various tools that are being created or need to be improved for increased efficiency. The created models can be connected to the control system (Virtual Commissioning) to verify the operation and reduce design errors in the production control system.

Skills and benefits obtained from software:

  • Create 3D simulation with kinematics for realistic virtual operation
  • Able to detect collisions in both static and dynamic modes
  • Check operations and help find solutions to potential problems before creating an automated production system
  • Simulate robot operations
  • Create a sequence of operation
  • Improve and optimize cycle times for operations
  • Simulate tools designed for use with robots
  • Provides tools for robot path programming
  • Reduce time required for programming complex and numerous robots through robot off-line programming
  • Design layouts for installation of production systems
  • Compatible with VR virtual reality technology
  • Help reduce costs associated with problem-solving at the worksite
  • Help reduce engineering costs by minimizing trial and error during worksite operations.