``IoT for CNC`` refers to the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to CNC machines, which enhances business efficiency.

CNC machines are vital pieces of equipment in various types of industrial factories, designed to manufacture different components with precision and accuracy through cutting. As a highly intricate process, the machine’s operating system can be complex. However, with the emergence of IoT technology, it has become an essential component in the industrial sector. Today, Hitachi Sunway presents a new solution, “IoT for CNC,” which elevates businesses to become more efficient and intelligent organizations.

What is IOT for CNC?

“IOT for CNC” refers to a solution that enables the collection of real-time production data from CNC machines and personnel automatically. This solution provides accurate information for identifying the cause of production losses, improves the ability to make continuous improvements, and helps to monitor work areas in real-time through a Real Time Monitoring system.
IOT for CNC คืออะไร ?
IOT for CNC คืออะไร ?

The working principle of the IOT for CNC system

In general, IOT for CNC involves the installation of sensors on the machinery to collect data in various aspects, such as machine temperature, vibration, and cutting speed. These important data are then sent to a component called the Centralized System, which analyzes them using machine learning algorithms to identify and select the most suitable advanced analysis tools. The deep insights obtained from the analysis can be used to improve the efficiency of the machinery, such as adjusting cutting speeds, reducing production errors, or identifying maintenance issues before they become serious problems. Additionally, IOT for CNC enables remote monitoring and control of the machinery, allowing operators to adjust settings and troubleshoot issues from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits of implementing IOT for CNC in industrial businesses

The utilization of IOT for CNC in industrial businesses is considered a significant approach that enhances the efficiency of the manufacturing process using machinery. The IOT for CNC system provides the following benefits in the production process:

  • Improved production efficiency: IOT for CNC allows businesses to easily gather real-time data from their machinery and utilize this data to increase production efficiency. It helps reduce machine errors, increase production output, and overall improve efficiency.
  • Effective maintenance planning: By monitoring machine data, the IOT system can assist business owners in detecting potential maintenance issues before they escalate into more serious problems. This helps reduce machine failures and lowers maintenance costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Remote monitoring and control: One notable advantage of IOT for CNC is the ability to remotely monitor and control machinery. This is particularly beneficial for companies with multiple factory locations or dispersed manufacturing facilities.
  • Quality control: By collecting and analyzing data from the machinery, the IOT system can identify quality issues, allowing business owners to improve the overall product quality by making informed adjustments.
  • Expedited decision-making: With real-time access to machine data, business owners can make prompt decisions regarding their production processes. This enables quick decision-making and ensures access to accurate information.

The results of implementing IOT for CNC in the business

IOT for CNC, when installed for machine monitoring along with barcode readers for operators to input work stoppage codes, addresses various production issues. Two main issues that are focused on are poor maintenance responsiveness and slow tool change, which hinder the machine from returning to production promptly.

After implementing IOT for CNC, customers have taken multiple measures, including implementing a prioritized maintenance schedule and ensuring tool readiness in advance. Currently, they are able to utilize the machinery as a whole by more than 68% and achieve production targets. This increase in profitability enables them to invest in new factories.

What is Real Time Monitoring
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What is Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Monitoring is a system for monitoring the operation of machinery, which can show the status of the operation and measure the efficiency of the machinery in real time. This allows the system to respond to the operation immediately without wasting time in processing or reducing processing time to a minimum.
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